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Dream Week 2019

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Excited to join #dreamweek2019 ♥ Dream week was created by wonderful illustrators on Instagram @byloishannah @jennifernguyenillustration @cathrinpeterslun @alexgold_art @grim.incubus @jb0xtchi & @nancychalmers (huge thanks to all of the organizers) And my god, was I left speechless with all the beautiful entries this challenge had - it's crazy how many wonderful and creative people are out there!

My favorite piece I created was the fourth day with the prompt flying. You can see all of my entries here.

Here are some of my favorite entries (wish I could share all of them). Be sure to check out their profiles - they are all such incredible illustrators!

Hope you enjoyed my little gallery and 'till next time - stay creative!


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