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Find my work at Dilemma Posters!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

A couple of months ago I got offered a collaboration and it was one of those to which I was excited to say yeeahs to :) Dilemma Posters is a small Croatian company that is all about ridiculously cute interior design pieces and promoting local illustrators and artist.

I met Ema (one of the company's founders) back in 2018 and was truly captured by how darn cute their posters are ♥ (though they do also sell some other goodies). I was especially blown away by works of Tena Letica who did a bunch of colorful illustrations representing numerous Croatian cities.

Fast forward few months and as summer was slowly but surely approaching I got a phone call from Emma - and the project idea she so wonderfully presented was truly wonderful and I immediately got excited. The main aim of the project is to support local artist and give them a platform where they can sell their art. How awesome is that! We agreed on a couple of my works and on July 1st the new official website was out!

Feel free to check their new website out - where my work now proudly stands among some great female illustrators from Croatia - Klasja Habjan, Tena Letica, Maja Tomljanović, and Lara Žigić.

dilemma homepage

Thanks for reading and remember to support your local artists!

byby ♥



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