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Finally opened my Society6 shop

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I have a great news you guys - my store on Society6 in now officially open!

Always dreamed about having an online shop and will definitely work on getting a proper one here on my site - but in the meantime, you can hop on my Society6 store to get yourself some goodies with my artworks on.

iz ptica society 6

iz ptica society 6 herbarium poster

One of my favorites is definitely the Herbarium poster. Love the vintage inspired posters and have a couple myself. That's why I decided to create a Herbarium inspired piece with some beautiful plants on it.

The poster comes in is 18" X 24" size which is I think a perfect size to put some wooden hangers on and hang it in your office - which is exactly what I plan to do!

iz ptica society 6 month of may notebooks

Next up on my favorites list is Month on May notebook - just look at this beauties!

Quality seems quite nice - design is wrapped all around, it has a matte finish and comes with 52 pages of high-quality 70lb text paper.

Will definitely use those to write my plans and to-do-list in.

iz ptica society 6 constellations travel mug

Third up is a practical Southern Hemisphere Constellations Map Travel Mug. Will get this one for nature wanderings to keep my tea warm!

Cool thing is that you can choose betweem Southern and Northern Constellation Map, so no matter your location you can get yourself one.

The piece is again inspired by vintage posters and I absolutely love stars so creating this illustration was a must for me.

Would really appreciete if you take a look and let me know which are your favorites. Your support means the world!

p.s. I plan to update the shop frequently so I'll definately keep you updated.

Have a lovely day my lovelies!


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